Aquastor Water Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Bladder Rentals

Our bladders may be rented on a daily basis.

Please note the following:

1. You need 6m x 6m level ground space for a 40,000 litre bladder, per bladder, and 12m x 12m level ground space for a 250,000 litre bladder, per bladder.

2. We allow 2 x free days due to rain delays. Note that a ‘rainy day’ is when it rains so much that work cannot be done on the pool. A quick shower during the day does not qualify.

3. Additional days will be charged at R300 per day per 40,000 litre bladder.

4. Please allow up to the full first day for pumping out of the swimming pool water to the bladder(s). Work on the pool may then start by the morning of the second day.

5. We will pump the water back on the last day of the rental period.

6. In order to collect from us, you need to be a registered pool or general contractor and we will require proof of address in your name, not older than 3 months, copy of company registration documents, copy of ID, as well as a R1,000 refundable damage & late return deposit.

7. If you opt to pump the water yourself, you will need your own pumping equipment and hoses, as we do not supply that. Any 50mm pump will do.

Quotation / Booking Enquiry

Fixed Fee (per booking):

(For delivery to site and pumping of the water (both ways), anywhere in Gauteng)

1 x Bladder: R1,600

2 - 3 Bladders: R2,000

4+ Bladders: Quote


Per 40,000 Litre Bladder

R 200 / Day

Per 250,000 Litre Bladder

R 1,250 / Day

Pumping of water (both ways)