Aquastor Water Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Cost of Water

One of the most important considerations when deciding to store your water (or to rather pump it down the street) is the cost of refilling the pool from the tap.

When making this calculation, remember that not only will you most probably be paying the highest scale rate, but you will also pay a sanitation levy on the additional water. You also need to include the cost of chemicals (chlorine, hydrochloric/pool acid etc.) to stabilize the ‘new’ water.

With all the above included, the average cost of water (depending on which municipality your pool is situated in) is:

Residential Consumers: R 0.07 / ltr

Bulk Consumers: R 0.05 / ltr

(Above correct as of April 2019)

In addition to the above if you are a BULK consumer, consider the negative publicity of being seen to simply pump hundreds of thousands of litters of water down the street, The damage to your public image may be considerate and even irreversible.