Aquastor Water Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd

About Us

Aquastor Water Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd was established during the severe drought and water shortage in South Africa in 2016. The aim was, and still is, to provide a cost effective, short term water storage solution, when and where needed, so that people do not have to throw water away and replace at exorbitant cost.

We rent our water storage bladders out to the general public, as well as to swimming pool contractors, on a daily basis, for as long as is needed.

We deliver to your doorstep, and come fold and remove again when you no longer need the bladder(s). Pumping of water is available, when required. We allow up to 5 free days per rental, for rain delays.

About our Water Storage Bladders

Our water storage bladders are locally manufactured from imported materials. The bladders are constructed from a strong, multi-layered PVC material, which makes them exceptionally strong. As such, they will not tear or rupture. When a small leak appears, we can fix it on-site, even while the bladder has water in. It will never rupture, even when filled to capacity.